As you know, the curators have had trouble finding Summitt Bear recently.  Only Dani Bear has been photographed in their Wild Enclosure, with Summitt hiding out of sight.  Surprise!  Both yearlings were visible on this day, and they were even in the same tree!  The curators have surmised that when they weren’t looking – perhaps under cover of darkness, in fact – the two yearlings encountered each other and are comfortable enough that they were able to share the tree that used to be Dani’s favorite.  Each of them was seen resting on a separate branch in the tree.


Dani Bear is on a higher branch with Summitt Bear below.

Yearling bears are usually solitary, so this was quite a surprise.

Cubs, on the other hand, are sociable and Otto and Rollo Bear have become good buddies, although they sometimes have a disagreement.


Rollo Bear seems to be looking toward Otto’s bowl.


Rollo moves over to sample Otto’s grapes.


Otto gives Rollo a swat as if to say “Those are mine!”

Cubs don’t hold grudges.  A few moments later, the two cubs were sharing food in one bowl.

Otto - Rollo

Otto and Rollo sharing the food in a bowl.

Hawkins Bear, the injured yearling, relaxes on the platform in his Acclimation Pen.


Hawkins peers over the edge of the platform.

Everyone at ABR is doing well and making progress.