As you may have guessed from the names in the title of the post, there were four bears visible on this day.  The very reclusive Summitt Bear, as so often is the case, did not appear.


Otto and Rollo on their platform. Could they be plotting some mischief?

The cubs seem to be enjoying their culvert den.  In our last post, we showed them playing the “Den Game,” in which they took turns blocking their buddy from entering or exiting the den.  Today we see Otto going into the den once again.  It’s good that they are using it.  We are wondering if Rollo was already inside.


There goes Otto. His tail is so short, it might be called a nubbin.

It is a fact that bears have very short tails, usually no more than 4-5 inches on an adult bear.  There is a folktale that “explains” why bears have such short tails.

Hawkins Bear is still resting on the platform in his Acclimation Pen.  He is eating well, as he consumes everything the curators provide for him.  That is an encouraging sign.


Hawkins Bear is living a life of ease as he recovers from his injuries.

Finally, Dani Bear is seen hanging out by her favorite tree.


Dani Bear in the Wild Enclosure.

Maybe next time we’ll have a glimpse of Summitt Bear – but don’t hold your breath!