Bear cubs are born with sharp, non-retractable claws.  Eventually they will use their wonderful claws to tear apart logs and insect nests, looking for protein-rich insects.  Our cubs use their claws to pick food out of their bowls and to investigate things that interest them.


It looks like Rollo is calling his buddy, Otto.  Look at those claws!


Rollo stands by his bowl and shows us is paws and claws.


Another view of his formidable claws,


He has picked up a tasty morsel with his “scissor paws.”

Rollo and Otto Bear share a food bowl.  Rollo is intrigued by the cable attachment that permits the curator to retrieve the bowl without being seen by the cubs.

Rollo - Otto

While Otto eats, Rollo investigates the clip on the cable.

We have no doubt that he can pick it open, if he chooses to.  However, he went back to eating.  Perhaps next time he’ll pick the lock and open it up.  Bears’ claws and paws are amazingly dexterous.

Out in Wild Enclosure 4, Can you find Summitt Bear?  The curators have to make sure he is there.


Where is Summitt hiding?


There he is – the zoom lens brings him closer.


Dani Bear is not quite as shy as Summitt. She can be seen by her favorite tree.

When the two cubs are out in a Wild Enclosure, we suspect that they will become skilled at hiding, also.