Rollo and Otto Bear, our four and one-half month old cubs, have become good buddies in their Acclimation Pen.  They are always close to each other.  On this day, they played in and around their culvert den.  The curator was amused and took several photos of their interactions.


Before food delivery, the two cubs were on their platform.

They moved down to the floor after food appeared.


Otto peeked out of the culvert den, looking for Rollo.


Otto was inside the culvert den. Rollo was outside.

It seemed that Rollo was blocking Otto from coming out and Otto was keeping Rollo from coming in.  Was this the “Den Game?”

Rollo - Otto

Both cubs stood on their hind legs to get their point across.

Bears often stand on their hind legs to look bigger and make their position clear to another bear.  However, the confrontation between the cubs didn’t last too long.  Their food was too enticing.

Rollo - Otto

Disagreement forgotten, the cubs shared their food.

Dani Bear showed herself by a tree in the Wild Enclosure.  She is doing well.


Dani Bear is looking good.

Hawkins Bear showed his displeasure at the curator’s approach.  He blew at the threat like a good, wild bear.


Hawkins Bear blows at the curator. See how his mouth makes a perfect “O.”

Summitt Bear was hiding, as usual.  But the curators catch a glimpse of an ear or another body part now and then, so they know he is making progress.  He certainly is acting like a wild yearling bear should act!