We posted that the two ABR cubs, Otto and Rollo, are good friends until it’s time to eat.  Today we have photos of a mealtime so you can picture what happens when the food is served.  Fine dining maybe not, but for bear cubs any food is “fine dining,” and they attack it with gusto.


The left arrow points to Rollo’s paw near Otto and his bowl. The right arrow points to the third bowl of food.

The curators provide an extra bowl of food at each meal, so there is plenty for both cubs.


The leashes on the bowls allow the curators to remove them when empty.

The bowls are slipped under the plastic sheathing and removed the same way, so the cubs don’t see humans.  The curators are absolutely silent, as well, so cubs do not become accustomed to human voices.

Summitt was spotted in a tree in the Wild Enclosure.  See if you can see him.


If it weren’t for the arrow, we might miss seeing the yearling.

An enlarged section of the photo shows Summitt.  The enlargement makes the photo blurry, but Summitt is easier to spot.


That rather blurry black shape in the tree is our yearling bear!

That is it for this post.  We’ll be back again with more news and photos of the three bears when we have them.