As we have reported, the two cubs, Otto and Rollo are getting along well.  In fact they are rarely apart – until time to eat.  Then each cub guards his food bowl to make sure the other cub doesn’t get any of his food.  Of course, the curators provide plenty of food for each cub, but they are true to the competitive nature of bears.


Otto Bear is not usually this far away from Rollo.

Otto and Rollo

The two cubs have become “best buds.”

However, when it’s mealtime, they are very protective of their own food.  Bears and cubs are competitive and this is the area where competition plays a role in our cubs’ lives.


Each cub cleans out his bowl very quickly.

As soon as the meal is over (and it doesn’t take very long) the two cubs return to their platform as if there had been no interruption.

Otto and Rollo

Back on the platform, they sit side by side as if nothing had changed.

We are happy that Otto and Rollo Bear are friends.  It is much better for both of them to be with another bear.  It will be fun to watch them after they are released into the Wild Enclosure and have to learn to forage for their food.