The two four-month-old cubs are getting along quite well.  There is plenty of room in the Acclimation Pen for each one to be in his own space, but they seem to prefer being close together, or at least nearby most of the time.

Otto and Rollo

Otto and Rollo Bear in their Acclimation Pen.


Otto heads over to where Rollo was sitting.


Rollo is much smaller than Otto (about half the size) but he holds his own.

Otto and Rollo

Otto and Rollo Bear being friendly to each other.

The only time there is any potential problem is at mealtime.  Little bear cubs are very possessive of their food sources.  This is true in the wild as well as at ABR.  The curators provide plenty for both cubs.


The two cubs are eating lots of berries as well as crushed Mazuri Bear Diet pellets.

We reported that Rollo had given Otto a swat when he tried to take some of Rollo’s food.  It seems that the lesson was learned, but the curators monitor the cubs at feeding time to make sure that both are getting enough to eat.  That is their job at ABR – to eat and get chubby.