In our last post we showed photos of Otto Bear in The Cub House and Rollo Bear in the Cub Nursery.  Curator Coy observed that Rollo was showing stress about his confinement to such a small pen after living his life so far out-of-doors.  The decision was made to move him into the other room of The Cub House.

Otto didn’t quite know what to make of this new little character.  He was used to stuffed toys that stayed put.  This little guy followed him wherever he went!


Otto went up the climbing plank with Rollo right behind him.


The two cubs sniffed each other.


Otto climbed up the stump. Rollo was close by.

We apologize for the poor quality of the photos – they were taken through the one-way glass in the door to The Cub House, which interferes with picture clarity, but at least we can get an idea (albeit a bit fuzzy) of how the first meeting unfolded.  We’re glad there was no hostility displayed.  Otto’s reaction might be described as mild annoyance, but Rollo will surely win him over.  Although Otto is twice the size of Rollo due to his enriched diet at ABR, Rollo is a healthy little cub the same age and is a good size for a wild cub.

We’ll see how their relationship develops in coming days.  It’s far better for them to be with another cub than to be a single, as Otto has been until now.