As we posted yesterday, Appalachian Bear Rescue admitted our third bear of 2017 on May 16th.  Bear #261, nicknamed Rollo Bear joined our yearling #258 Summitt  and cub #259 Otto at the facility.  Actually, Rollo didn’t join the others – for the time being, each of them is in their own space.  We hope that after he settles in Rollo will be able to join Otto in The Cub House.  Since they are the same age (not quite four months old) it would be good for them to be together.  Summitt Bear, as a yearling, will not be housed with the cubs at all.  He will probably be ready for release into the wild quite soon.

Today we have a delightful video of all three of the ABR bears.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing them, and in Rollo’s case, hearing them.  Click here to watch the video of our three bears.