In our last post we updated you on our fifteen-month-old yearling, Summitt Bear.  There were only a couple of photos of Summitt because, like all yearlings, he prefers to stay hidden.

Today we have some new photos of the three-month-old cub Otto Bear.  Despite the “minimal human contact” that our curators practice, they are able to photograph little Otto through the window in The Cub House door, so we have more photos for your viewing pleasure.

No doubt you recall the Blue-beary-applesauce “sandwiches” that he seems to enjoy very much.


Otto reaches for his “sandwiches” that were placed on top of his stump.

Otto has no problem getting to things he wants, even after they have been moved and rearranged by one of the curators.  They use honeysuckle vine to tie things together.  Otto tried to untie the knots.  Did you know that bears are very adept at using their paws to perform small motor tasks that we might think were impossible for them?


The knots in the honeysuckle vine intrigued him.

He was doing so well that the curators decided it was time to move him into an Acclimation Pen.  First it had to be prepared and decorated.

Acclimation Pen

The Acclimation Pen allows a cub to experience outdoor sights, sounds and smells

Preparations were made.


Greenery was added to the pen.


Decorations finished.

The final touch – Curator David added Charley Bear to be a comforting friend.

Charley Bear

Charley Bear is placed in the pen.

Curator David was able to move Otto quickly, and to weigh him as he did so.  Note the heavy gloves – Otto’s claws are sharp!

9.8 pounds

Otto Bear weighed 9.8 pounds!


Otto Bear in the Acclimation Pen. More space to climb and explore.

Otto has more than doubled his weight since being at ABR.  He weighed just 4.2 pounds when he was admitted.  It is very likely that he is heavier than wild cubs his age, due to the enriched diet he receives.