A three-month-old bear cub is rather like a three-year-old toddler – always on the go and getting into mischief.  For example, Otto Bear attacked the log den in The Cub House. These two photos show the den “before” and “after” Otto.

log den

The log den in Room 1 of The Cub House.

Attacking a log is perfectly normal behavior for a bear, since bears shred logs to get at insects and grubs they often find within.  We aren’t sure whether there were insects in this log den, but if there were, no doubt they made a tasty treat for little Otto.

log den

Here is the log den after being attacked by Otto.

It keeps the curators busy trying to come up with new challenges for our little bear cub.

Curator David

Curator David prepares a Blue-beary sandwich for Otto.

When he put the sandwich in The Cub House, he also added something to the climbing tree in Room 2.

Climber decorated

Curator David decorated the climbing tree with pine and more honeysuckle vines.

Decorations gone

Decorations didn’t last. Otto took his sandwich back into Room 1.

Apparently Otto prefers to have his food in Room 1.  That’s OK with Curator David.  Cubs can choose where to eat.

Otto naps

After eating his sandwich, Otto took a nap.

Meanwhile, Summitt Bear is much less active.  He was up in a tree and then came down to sit between his favorite trees.


Summitt Bear is hard to see, but there he is, between the trees.

It is interesting to watch the cub and yearling and to see how different they are.