Curator Coy is very clever and he is always looking for new ways to stimulate little Otto.  He came up with a couple of very creative ideas that we feature in today’s post.

First, he designed a climbing tree, to give Otto an opportunity to climb on something other than the climbing stump you’ve seen before.

tree toy

This is the climbing tree toy that Coy made to challenge Otto.

Next, he made Otto a special treat – a Blue-beary sandwich of bark and blueberries.


Blueberries are spread on two pieces of bark.


The sandwich is put together and wrapped with honeysuckle vine.

To eat, Otto will pull the sandwich apart to enjoy the berries.

Cub House

The new things are placed in Room 2 of The Cub House.


Otto tried climbing up one side of his climber.

It reminds us of children on a jungle gym.

sandwich eaten

Otto tore apart his sandwich and ate the berries and honeysuckle leaves.

Otto naps

Tired from his activity, Otto decides to take a nap.

We can see from this photo that he is growing.  He is larger than his bed now!  Keeping a bear cub interested is quite a challenge for the curators, who want him to keep learning and trying new things.  We wonder what will be the next new thing for the little cub.