In our last post we documented Otto’s move from the Cub Nursery to The Cub House.  Today we have photos of his new quarters that are now outfitted with his toys and blanket, to make him feel more at home.


Room 1 in The Cub House. It’s hard to tell Otto and Sister Bunny apart.

Photos into The Cub House must be taken through the window in the door, so the quality is not as good as usual and sometimes a reflection gets in the way.

Room 2

Room 2, just before Curator Janet cleaned it up. Otto is still in room 1.

It’s very clear to see that Otto had been here, tracking his formula around the room.


Curator Janet propped Charley Bear on the stump for a change.

Maybe Otto will climb up the stump to retrieve Charley Bear.


Otto doesn’t climb now. It’s time for a nap.


Otto goes to sleep on his blanket.

Out in the Wild Enclosure, yearling Summitt Bear is hard to spot.  He is very good at hiding (a good thing for a young bear to do) and sometimes it takes the curators quite a while to find him among the undergrowth.


Where is Summitt?


There he is – between those trees!  Good hiding, Summitt!

Cubs and yearling bears spend most of their time either up in trees or hiding near trees in the underbrush.  They feel safer there.