We have predicted that the three-month-old cub, Otto, would soon be ready for The Cub House.  We were right – on April 28th the curators decided that he was ready.  Here is a sequence of photos that document the big day for a little cub.

First, they prepared The Cub House for a much smaller resident.  Summitt Bear, the yearling, was the last tenant and he is much bigger than Otto.  The “furniture” was downsized.

cub house

Smaller “furniture” for a tiny cub. Hollow log replaces culvert den.

cub house

The second room of The Cub House.

Otto’s last glimpse of the Cub Nursery.


Otto looked right into the Nursery cam,

The moving process takes time.


Curator Coy places Otto into a carrier for the trip to The Cub House.


Curator Coy placed Otto into a travel carrier.

Cub Mobile

Into the Cub Mobile.

Unlock the gate

Coy unlocks the gate .

Into Cub House

Into The Cub House.


Otto in The Cub House. So big and so much to see!


Otto stands

As bears will do, he stands up to get a better look.

Charley Bear

Coy adds Charley Bear and Otto’s blanket to the second room.


Perhaps the familiar scents of his toy and blanket were reassuring. He seemed calmer.

Now that Otto has moved into his new home, we take a quick peek at the yearling, Summitt Bear, who is doing very well outdoors in the Wild Enclosure.  It’s not often that he allows himself to be seen this clearly.


A lucky clear view of Summitt Bear in his Wild Enclosure.

We will be anxious to see how well Otto Bear adjusts to his new, larger space.  There is a lot to challenge him in The Cub House and he is sure to thrive there.