Otto Bear is a three-month-old black bear cub currently housed in the Cub Nursery at Appalachian Bear Rescue.  When Otto arrived at ABR on April 11th he weighed just 4.1 pounds.  On April 25th Curator Tom and Curator Dave weighed Otto.  He now weighs 6.6 pounds!  He has been eating his formula and applesauce eagerly.  This weight gain is good, and so is his daily muscle-strengthening.  He “works out” by climbing on his pen and by frequent wrestling matches with his stuffed companions.


Otto Bear wrestles with Charley Bear, his stuffed toy companion.

Sister Bunny, his other stuffed toy friend, is at the spa, aka Cub Laundry, to be cleaned up and freshened for her next round with Otto.

Otto snooze

All tired out from play, Otto takes a snooze.

Otto will soon be ready to move up to The Cub House where he will have more room, less interaction with curators, and more things to climb on.

Summitt Bear made an appearance at the base of a tree in his Wild Enclosure.  Food had been tossed there to lure him down from his tree.


Summitt Bear is looking healthy and has a nice coat of fur.

Otto and Summitt will never meet while they are at ABR.  When Otto is ready for a Wild Enclosure, if Summitt is still with us at the time, the cub will be released into another Wild Enclosure.  Cubs and Yearlings do not meet in the wild or at ABR.