We have posted about our “fierce” little three-month-old bear cub recently.  He is continuing to show that he knows how to act like a wild bear.  Today he showed his displeasure when the curator came into the Cub Nursery (to feed him and clean out the pen) by huffing and blowing, sure signs of a bear’s annoyance.  This photo shows very clearly what blowing looks like.


Otto blows at the curator who disturbed him by entering the Cub Nursery.

Wouldn’t that expression scare any of us?


In this picture Otto shows his “mean” stare while subduing toy Charley Bear.

Otto is a very active and energetic cub.  Soon he will have more room when he goes into The Cub House.

Outside in his Wild Enclosure our yearling, Summitt Bear, was high in his favorite tree.  This is typical behavior for a yearling bear.


It might be hard to see him in the tree without that red arrow.

When he did come down to forage he stayed in the shade, a smart idea since it was 80 degrees on this day.  It’s not hard to understand why bears prefer shady places in hot weather – those black fur coats are pretty warm!


There is Summitt – at the base of the tree, and in the shade of the underbrush.

As we observe Summitt’s behavior it makes us realize that we may have passed by a bear when hiking and not even realized it.  They are very good at hiding, whether in a tall tree or in underbrush, and they would much rather not be noticed.