It was a very rainy day in Tennessee.  We don’t know why, but young bears like to perch up high in a tree when it’s raining, so we have a picture of a very soggy Summitt Bear.


Summitt Bear spent the rainy day up high in the tree.

Here is a closeup of Summitt on a nicer day.

Summitt Bear

Summitt Bear on a sunny day.

In addition to soggy Summitt, today we have feisty Otto Bear.  The little cub is getting more and more rambunctious in the Cub Nursery pen.  Today he turned his attention to the two stuffed companions that the curators have provided for company.  Since bear cubs usually have one or more siblings, our curators like for a single cub like Otto to have a furry “buddy.”


Otto got Charley Bear in a headlock.


Next he pounced on Sister Bunny (she’s almost as big as he is!)

After the workout with his stuffed friends, Otto went into the other half of the pen for a snack of formula and applesauce.

Otto eats

All that exercise makes a bear cub hungry!

We are glad that the two bears are doing so well.  Otto is going to be ready to move to The Cub House before long.  Summitt will remain in his Wild Enclosure for the rest of his time at ABR.