Our little 3-month-old cub, Otto Bear is demonstrating his wild behavior.  When the curator enters the Cub Nursery for the necessary feeding and cleaning tasks, the little cub shows his displeasure by behaving like any bear when it feels threatened.  Otto blusters and makes typical (though very small) blowing and huffing sounds.  He also sticks out his tongue, as in our photo today.  These are good behaviors for a wild bear, and it is important for him to maintain this attitude.


Otto Bear shows his instinctive dislike of humans.

Out in the Wild Enclosure, our 14-month-old yearling, Summitt Bear, is often hard to see as he hides in the underbrush.  Curator Coy lucked out when he was able to observe the yearling and take these photos.  Summitt is mellow – he senses that he is safe and doesn’t make a fuss.  If he were to be disturbed he would most likely hide.


Summitt Bear in the grass.


This photo shows Summitt to be a very handsome bear!

Our two bears seem to be doing very well.  We will continue to report on their progress.