ABR has two bears in residence – tiny Otto Bear is almost three months old and Summitt Bear is a fourteen-month-old yearling.  We have photos of both of them today.

Otto the cub is in a pen in the Cub Nursery.  He’s teething and is working hard on his muscular development and climbing skills.


Otto Bear is teething. The metal probably is soothing to his gums.


He is getting stronger. Look how well he stands on his back legs.

Notice those sharp claws.  Bear cubs are born with them.  They will be very useful when Otto is climbing trees or shredding logs.


Here we can see him from the back. He stretches up.

Bears of all ages can stand like this because they walk on the whole foot rather than on their toes.  This is called plantigrade walking and is like us humans.


Otto can climb, too – all the way up to the top of his pen. (Ignore the caption “Summitt Bear)

Otto eats

All that exercise makes a cub hungry for his applesauce and bear replacement formula.

Finally, after exercise and breakfast, It’s time for Otto to take a nap.


Sleepy cub. Sweet dreams, Otto!

Our “big bear,” Summitt, was captured by a tree in his Wild Enclosure.  He feels safe near a tree.  He hasn’t been seen climbing up a tree as yet, but we’re sure he will when he feels like it.


Summitt Bear seems content by this tree.


Summitt Bear stayed by the tree.

Here is where Curator Janet took these photos of Summitt Bear – through a small peephole in the plastic covering on the fence.

Peephole in fence

The curators are never close to the bears. This is the peephole in the fence.

The tire bridge is pointed out because Summitt has been seen on it, meaning he had to climb up to it.  Just in case anyone is concerned about him not scampering up a tree yet.