ABR has two bears in residence – Otto the visible and Summitt the invisible.  Otto, the little three-month-old cub, is easy to see in his pen in the Cub Nursery.  He spends his time eating, sleeping, and practicing his climbing skills.  We only have one photo of Otto because the curators try to spend as little time as possible, attending to his needs and getting out quickly.


Otto Bear has a nice bed to sleep in. Like all babies, he needs a lot of sleep.

Summitt’s temporary home is Wild Enclosure 4.  Here is an overview of the enclosure.

Wild Enclosure 4

Wild Enclosure 4, where Summitt is living now.

To help you picture the space better, here is Wild Enclosure 4 with several features labeled.


This gives us a better picture of the enclosure.

Summitt Bear, as a 14-month-old yearling bear, is adept at hiding.  Sometimes the curators have trouble locating him.  He hides in the underbrush.  Later, when the trees leaf out, he’ll no doubt hide in the trees.

Where is Summitt?

Is there a bear in this picture? Where is Summitt?

Zoom in a little closer and – yes!  Summitt is hiding in there!


There is Summitt Bear!

Hiding is a very good strategy for a young bear like Summitt.  Like climbing up high in a tree, staying hidden keeps a vulnerable little bear safe.  Good bear behavior, Summitt!