Summitt Bear, our 14-month-old yearling, is doing well in the Wild Enclosure.  He is probably very glad to be left alone, not poked, prodded and examined any more  as he was at the UT Vet School.  We see him resting in the Wild Enclosure, looking like a very calm little bear.


Summitt Bear in the Wild Enclosure.


He looks perfectly content and at home.

But look what happened a moment later –

Summitt disappeared

Summitt quickly disappeared into the underbrush.

Little bears are very good at hiding.  Makes you wonder how many times you’ve passed by a bear in the forest and not known it was there.

Let’s take a peek into the pen in the Cub Nursery, where little 3-month-old Otto is housed.


Otto has a bed, a stuffed bear companion and a bowl of formula.

Otto spends his time eating, sleeping and climbing on the sides of the pen.  All of these are important for his development.