Summitt Bear, our 14-month-old yearling, seems to have adjusted well to the Acclimation Pen outside The Cub House.  He spends most of his time up as high as he can get, on the platform, and comes down to eat when he hears the “food delivery.”  In order to minimize human contact, the curator brings his food and places it in the food wheel, a lazy Susan contraption that allows him to eat on the inside, and allows the curators to clean it out on the outside, ready to load up again for the next meal.  It is a very well designed method of feeding him without letting him see who is bringing his food.


Summitt Bear hides behind the “tree” that he climbs to reach the platform.


The food wheel, where the curators place food for Summitt.

Summitt is progressing very well.  We won’t be surprised if he is out in the Wild Enclosure very soon!