On April 4th the vets at the University of Tennessee Vet School asked our curators to bring Summitt Bear back in for a checkup.  They wanted to be sure he was doing well after the blood transfusion they had given him a week ago.  The news was good and the results showed that his red blood count was higher (not quite what it should be, but better than before) and that some probable causes, including genetics, could be ruled out.  The likely cause of his severe anemia was simply the fact that he had been starving.  He has gained two pounds during the week at ABR!

He went back to The Cub House, and on the next day he finished the last of his antibiotics, so the variety of his foods could now be increased.  On April 6th Curator Tom raised the door between The Cub House and the Acclimation Pen. Now Summitt Bear is able to go outside and see, smell and hear what the Wild Enclosure is like.  The Wild Enclosure is the last part of his stay at ABR, and is where he will spend the rest of his time with us.

Being a properly cautious little bear, Summitt opted to stay on his resting shelf in The Cub House, where he feels comfortable and safe.


Summitt Bear feels safe now on the resting shelf up high in The Cub House.

Being naturally curious, like all little bears, he came down from his shelf and decided to check out the new feature – the open door.

Door to Acc. pen

He went to the open door and stopped.

He decided to go a little further.  Of course his nose led the way.

Summitt sniffs

Summitt sniffs the unfamiliar smells.


He didn’t go any further. This was far enough for now.

Cubs and yearlings are cautious, as they should be for their own safety, and yet bears have a curious nature.  We are betting that Summitt Bear will venture out into the Acclimation Pen in a day or so.  Stay tuned.