ABR Bear #258 aka. Summitt Bear, had been at ABR for not quite four days, confined to a pen in the Cub Nursery as we reported in our last post.  The sick little bear was confined so he could be carefully monitored by the curators via a web cam that allows them to see him from the office, without having to intrude too often.  He seemed lethargic and, uncharacteristically for a bear, did not react defensively or offensively when a curator entered the Cub Nursery to feed him.  All of a sudden, that attitude changed!  On March 31st he showed that he is anxious to exit the pen by climbing the sides, and trying to get out,  The curators had already announced their intention to move him to The Cub House when he was ready – this climbing behavior told them clearly that he IS ready.  Click here to see a video of Summitt Bear climbing on the pen.  The next step is to move him.  Watch for our next post that will document the move.