As you know, ABR has been cub-less since November 2016.  We’ve been able to get a lot done during the past four months, and our facility is in tip-top condition as we awaited the arrival of the first bear in need.  That bear – #258 – arrived on March 27th.  A male yearling, he was nicknamed Summitt, in honor of the late Lady Vols basketball coach, Pat Summitt.

Summitt Bear was found near Bristol TN.  He was dehydrated, underweight and severely anemic.  Weighing just 22 pounds, as a yearling he should weigh at least ten pounds more, so it seems likely that he has been on his own for some time.  Normally a yearling would have denned with his mother and would just be emerging with her.

Summitt Bear went to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for his checkup and we have some photos of his exam.

Summitt at UT

Summitt Bear at UTCVM.


Summitt Bear is checked by the vet.


He needed antibiotics, fluids and iron shots.

Summitt teeth

His teeth are OK but the pale gums are indicative of anemia.


After his exam he went back to ABR and the Cub Nursery.

Summitt Bear has a good coat and his fur looks healthy.  We are hopeful that with time and care he will recover.  Curator Coy gave him a small amount of applesauce laced with his meds, and the tired little yearling ate a bit before falling asleep.  He needs plenty of rest.