Appalachian Bear Rescue is still waiting to receive the first orphaned cub of 2017.  We are very happy to wait!  Why?  Because March is much too soon for bear cubs to be out of the den and separated from their mother.  In  March of 2013 we did receive tiny cubs from South Carolina that had been found in a box at the side of a road.  Obviously these cubs were separated from their mother by some type of human interference.  While ABR did care for the cubs and were able to release them successfully at the end of the year, this video shows why such young cubs should not be away from their mom.

In the video these two cubs, nicknamed Bennie and Jerry, are playing .  You will notice that they are very uncoordinated, but by playing they began to strengthen their muscles.  This type of play should have taken place in the den, where tiny cubs practice their physical skills before ever emerging later in the spring.  Click here for a real treat – watching very young bear cubs engaged in play.  You’re sure to get a chuckle from watching!