As we have reported, ABR is without resident cubs and has been cub-less since November, 2016.  During this down time, the curators, volunteers and board members have been working to perform much-needed maintenance tasks and to upgrade various parts of the facility to prepare for the arrival of our first 2017 cub, whenever that may happen.

We’ll take a brief trip down memory lane in this post and look at some of the little yearlings that were in residence one year ago.  You may recall that we had many – over 20, in fact, despite the fact that several had been released earlier.

Tree full

A tree full of yearling bears!


Yearlings climb

Yearlings climbing tree in Wild Enclosure.


Cecilia Bear, looking better, stands on a log den.

Cecilia Bear arrived at ABR in mid-February.  After surgery to remove an abscess, she recovered nicely and was in Wild Enclosure 3 in March.  She was released back onto the wild a month later.  We hope she’s doing well.