In the absence of cubs onsite, we will share with you the recent visit to Lincoln Heights Elementary School in Morristown, TN (Curator Janet Dalton is the principal) during which some of our education team taught the third graders what it takes to be a curator for ABR.  Each child helped with the work up of a “cub” and the formation of a plan for the cub’s care.  The activities were based on the actual procedures followed by Curator Janet and Curator Coy when a cub arrives at ABR.

The children and their teachers thoroughly enjoyed the experience and each child received a certificate designating them as official Junior Bear Curators.

group reports

Each group gave their report to the class.

"UT Vet"

There was a “UT Vet” in each group.

"Wildlife Officer."

One child was the “Wildlife Officer.”


The children had to measure and weigh their cub.


Vet, Wildlife Officer and Junior Curators – each had their own costume.

serious children

They were serious about their jobs.


The children took pride in their work.

Bears eyes

Note that the bears’ eyes were covered, just as at ABR.

Good job

A job well done!


Successful Junior Curators.

There were 80 third grade students who became “Certified Junior Curators” that day.  They were proud, and so were we!