Another blast from the past today as we revisit more of our cubs from the year 2013.  All of these cubs were released and we hope they are thriving in the wild.

Annie Bear was  rescued along with her brother Oscar in June, 2013 after her family (a sow and 5 cubs) were frequenting a Gatlinburg resort.  The sow and her other three cubs were trapped and moved to a safer area, but Annie and Oscar avoided capture for a few days.  They were finally caught and brought to ABR.  At first, Oscar kept his sister from eating and she was separated from him until she gained a little weight.  At her release in October, she weighed a healthy 56.5 pounds.

Annie Bear

Annie Bear at ABR. Her brother Oscar is behind her in this photo taken soon after their arrival.

The first two cubs of 2013 were Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway, another brother and sister combination.  They were found along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, which is why they received their names.  They were very tiny and had to spend time in the Cub Nursery until they were able to lap from a bowl.  In September they were released to the wildlife agents in North Carolina, who planned to use them in an urban wildlife study after their release to the wild the following spring.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway Bear enjoyed the Cubby Pool all summer.

Boston Bear was a favorite of our friends and fans in 2013.  He displayed a very gentle nature toward other cubs.  He spent some time with Annie Bear while she was separated from her brother.  Very small on arrival, Boston weighed a healthy 64 pounds when he was released back into the wild in October.

Boston Bear

Boston Bear was a crowd pleaser among our many Facebook friends.

We will continue to showcase some of our past cub residents until such time as we receive new cubs or yearlings in need of help.