Since there are no current furry residents at ABR, we will post some photos of a few of our former residents.  You may or may not recall some of these cubs who received help from ABR.

First up is Sugar Bear, the first cub to arrive at ABR in 2014.  She was found in the bottom of a ravine in early April when she was about 8 weeks old.  The officer who rescued her told Curator Coy that she was “about the size of a sack of sugar,” and that’s how she got her name.  The estimate was good – she weighed 5.7 pounds.  She thrived at ABR and was released in August  after four months with us.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear in the Wild Enclosure at ABR in 2014.

Next, we revisit two of our most recent cub residents.  In June 2016 Andy and Eliza were brought to ABR after their mother was killed in a traffic accident.  They were about five months old and weighed a little over 13 pounds (Andy) and a little over 15 pounds (Eliza).  When they were released in November of this year, Andy weighed 61 pounds and his sister weighed 53.5 pounds.  As expected, the male cub had gained more weight than the female.  Adult male bears are generally one-third larger than females.

Andy and Eliza

Andy Bear and his sister Eliza were with us for five months in 2016.

In 2013 we cared for three cubs from South Carolina after they were found in a box beside the road at the age of about six weeks.  These cubs achieved renown through news articles and TV reports.  Although they were incredibly small when they arrived, they gained plenty of weight and were about 100 pounds each at their release in November 2013.

Bennie, Jerry and Carrie

Bennie, Jerry and Carrie – the cubs from South Carolina.

We hope that you enjoy seeing these images of some of our former cub residents.  We will continue to post these faces from the past until we receive another bear cub in need of care.  That will likely not occur until the spring of 2017.