In addition to caring for orphaned bear cubs, ABR is always mindful of the example we set in the community when it comes to coexisting with bears.  A vital part of this message that we repeat over and over again is to always dispose of garbage and trash in a bear resistant or bear proof dumpster.  Feeling that we must “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk,” we ordered a bear proof dumpster to install at our Trillium Cove Visitor and Education Center.  It had to be ordered from a supplier in North Carolina, which necessitated a trip by Vice-President Ed Owens to haul the dumpster back to Tennessee.  These photos show Ed’s trip and the subsequent installation of the new dumpster.

Dumpster on trailer

The brand-new dumpster is loaded onto a trailer.


Ready for the trip to Tennessee.


The bear proof dumpster arrives at Trillium Cove. We can see the old, non-bear proof dumpster in the background.

Dumpster ready

The new dumpster is ready for use. Bears can’t get in!

We don’t know that we can call a dumpster “beautiful,” but we are proud of the fact that we are setting a good example for the community and visitors.