It has been more than a week since our final 2016 cub left ABR.  But our post-cub work is just beginning.  Having had cubs onsite for over a year and a half, we have a lot of work to do to be ready for next spring, when we will undoubtedly receive more orphaned cubs.  Today we have a link to a video that aired on local TV station WBIR a few days ago.  In the video, which allows us to get a behind the scenes look at the facility, Head Curator Coy Blair shows the recently vacated Wild Enclosure and discusses plans for this period without cubs to care for.  If you have ever wondered what ABR looks like or what our volunteers and others will do now that the cubs are gone, you’ll be sure to want to view this short video.  Click here to see the news report and learn more about the ABR facility.