We have some very good photos of Finnegan on his last day at ABR.  If we were to anthropomorphize about these, we’d almost say that he sensed this would be his final day and he was revisiting various parts of the Wild Enclosure, as if to say “goodbye.”  However, we try very hard not to put human emotions and acts into our reporting on the bears, so we’ll just say that it’s good to see these final photos of the little bear who has been with us for so much of this year.


Finnegan Bear sitting on a stump in the enclosure.

Finn - stump

A closer view of Finn on his stump. Perhaps he found some insects to eat.


Down from the stump, Finnegan forages.


Finn sits and looks around.


His dark color stands out against the fall colors.


Finnegan has become a beautiful bear.

Tomorrow we’ll report on his departure from ABR.