Today we have some great photos of Finnegan Bear as he strolls around the Wild Enclosure, foraging as usual and taking a drink from the Cubby Pool.  Since he is the only bear in the enclosure now, he seems very relaxed about eating and drinking.  He is still in hyperphagia but the “feeding frenzy” is not as intense now.  He is very calm and deliberate about his activities.


Finnegan approaches the Cubby Pool. Will he take a swim?


No, he isn’t interested in swimming.


He does take a nice long drink. Bears need lots of water during hyperphagia


He leaves the pool and returns to foraging.


He does enjoy the fruits and nuts.


Grapes, cherries and acorns are tasty foods for a bear.


Finn keeps his nose to the ground as he uncovers more food.

Finn-to tree

After a while he turns away and returns to his favorite tree for a nap.

His life is eating and sleeping at a slow and relaxed pace.  We will say goodbye to Finn before long, when he is released back into the wild.