In our last post we described how the curators were preparing to “passive capture” the cubs for their workup and release.  We saw Andy Bear approaching the open door of the Acclimation Pen, but not coming too close.  Sometimes it can take many days – or weeks – for a cub to enter the pen where it can be sedated with a minimum of stress and yet the curator can help if needed.

Apparently our three cubs are ready to go.  After a couple of days during which they visited the pen during the night, when no one was looking, they felt comfortable enough to enter during the day.  At this point, they were caught!

Here is a short video that documents the entry of each cub into the pen.  They do not hesitate, and show no fear or alarm as they stroll into the pen.  Thus the first step in their release is completed.  Click here to watch the cubs enter the pen.  Surely this must be a record for the shortest time required for capture.