We reported that Curator Coy has prepared the Acclimation Pen for the passive capture of the three cubs, who are ready for release back into the wild.  We also warned that there would be fewer photos because the curators must stay away for all but a very few minutes each day.

The pen has been laced with treats to tempt the bears, and over the past two days the door to the Acclimation Pen has been left open, allowing the cubs to enter and leave as they wish.  This process will get them more comfortable with going into the pen where they can be sedated easily in a confined space.  There was suspicion about the unfamiliar, open door and none of the cubs approached at first.  We have two photos that show Andy Bear coming closer, no doubt lured by the smells within.


On the first day, Andy is seen through the fencing, still far away.


On the second day Andy approaches a bit closer.

Bear cubs are naturally very cautious but also very curious.  And of course we know how good their sense of smell is!  Curator Coy saw signs that one or more of the cubs had visited the pen during the night.  It is only a matter of time when they will enter and be readied for their second chance in the wild.  The curators are patient and will give the cubs as much time as they need.  Stay tuned – it won’t be long now!