Fall brings a certain laziness or st least a slowing down of activity for our cubs.  Today’s photos show two of the three cubs napping in trees, while the third is trying to hide as he forages.  Funny thing is that bears don’t seem to realize how big they are, and our cubs are no exception.  Andy Bear “hides” behind a small shrub but it’s very easy to see the plump little bear cub.


Does Andy Bear think he’s hidden? He’d need a bigger bush.

Finnegan decided to climb a tree to rest.


There goes Finnegan, up the tree.


Finn settled himself for a nice rest.


Finn took a nice long nap.


Eliza Bear made herself a very comfy bed for a bear and took a nap.

Snoozing and foraging, with more emphasis on the snoozing these days.  Such is the life of a bear cub at ABR.