We’ve seen many photos of Finnegan Bear recently when he presented his backside to the camera, sometimes with a leaf attached.  On this day, however, he gave the curator some good photo ops.  Remember that the curators must take photos quickly and from a distance, so these are the best of the photo shoot and were taken with a zoom lens to make it appear that they are closeups.

At first, it seemed as though it was going to be another day of hind end poses but as you’ll see, Finn moved on to pose very nicely for the camera.  In fact, he was the only bear who was visible except for Andy, who stayed in the background.


At first, Finn only showed his bum.


Then he turned around and faced forward.


He seemed to look around, surveying the scene.


He turned to the side, showing off his handsome profile.


He stood still for another good shot.

Just as a reminder of how much he has grown, here is a photo of Finnegan at three months of age.

Finnegan-3 months

Fuzzy little 3-month-old Finnegan. How much he has changed!

And now for a zoom lens closeup of our big, nine month old bear cub!

Finn now

Finnegan Bear at nine months. What a difference!

It is incredible that six months can make such a difference in a bear cub.  As we said the other day, if a human baby grew at the same rate, that baby would be over 100 pounds at the age of nine months