For a month or more we have seen the three ABR cubs on the ground, foraging and busily eating.  Now, however, there is a slight change in their behavior. We explained about the intensive feeding (hyperphagia) that occurs in late summer and fall, not just in bear cubs but in all bears as their instincts tell them to pack on the pounds before hibernation.  When a bear reaches the weight that he or she senses is sufficient to survive the long winter, the period of frenzied eating ends, and lethargy sets in.  Eating slows down and the animal spends more time resting and sleeping – on the ground or in trees.  It seems that our cubs are reaching that point.  They are spending much more time up in the trees than they have for quite a while.  Today’s photos demonstrate this.

cubs in tree

All three cubs are high in a tree. The red arrows point them out.

It’s scary for humans watching, but high in trees is where cubs feel the safest.

Cubs in tree

Zooming in, we see the cubs closer.


Finnegan seemed to go to sleep. He was very relaxed.


Eliza Bear was the highest. She is a brave and adventurous cub.

It’s good to see the cubs behaving like wild bears.  They are still eating the tasty acorns and fruits, but at a much slower pace.  Like their cousins in the wild, they are slowing down as winter draws near.