It has seemed that every photo we’ve posted recently has shown one or more cubs with snouts to the ground, foraging and eating.  So today we have something different – the cubs were not eating when Curator Janet got these photos!  This gives us the opportunity to get a better look at how very beautiful they are.  We hope you enjoy them.


Finnegan is becoming a handsome bear, indeed!


Looking down from the observation tower, Curator Janet got these shots.


His coloring is different than that of the two siblings.

Finnegan Bear has more of the cinnamon cast to his fur.  Most bears in the Southern Appalachians are black, and he may darken as he matures.


Andy Bear stands on the branch of a tree. It’s amazing how well they can balance.

Andy-far away

This shows how far away Janet was when she took Andy’s photo in the tree.

Andy and Eliza

Andy and Eliza Bear in the tree.

Three cubs

Three cubs in the tree- Andy at top, Eliza on right, Finn below.

3 cubs

From this distance it’s hard to find them.


Finnegan, the chubby cubby with a portly behind.

When we think of how small he was when he arrived in March, it’s hard to remember him that small.  All three of the cubs have put on a good bit of weight, especially in recent weeks.  They are strong and healthy – ready for life in the wild.