The three cubs were startled by an unfamiliar noise.  Curator Coy was in a different spot from what they were used to, and the noise startled them.  Using the typical strategy of cubs in reaction to an unfamiliar sound, the cubs scurried up a tree.

Cubs in tree

The cubs scampered up the tree when they heard a sound coming from a different place.

The structure by the fake crow is the observation tower, which is where the curators usually go to observe the cubs.  This time Coy was at the far side of the enclosure, which is why the cubs heard a noise from a different place.


Coy grabbed a quick shot of Finnegan, who was lowest on the tree.

Deciding that there was no threat after all, the cubs descended quickly to go back to eating.

Cubs forage

The cubs came down to continue foraging.


Acorns from East Tennessee State Nursery – 256 pounds of them!

The acorns are stored in our dry storage building.  This is a bounty of acorns for the cubs and we are grateful to the East TN State Nursery for thinking of our little bears!  The cubs will be well fed, indeed.