Today we get to see all three of the ABR cubs as they forage for their food.  The cubs are so smart that they make the curators work hard to keep  ahead of them.  It is important that the food delivery (when the curators throw food over the fence into the enclosure) happens randomly so the cubs don’t come to expect it at a certain time or in a certain place.  But that’s easier said than done and every time the routine is changed it doesn’t take long for the cubs to react and figure out what the new routine is.  Then, of course, the curators must change it again.  Feeding our cubs so they stay wild and don’t have any interaction with or reliance on humans is not an easy task, by any means!

Here they are as they keep their snouts to the ground and find acorns to crunch.

three cubs

Three munching cubbies. Finn looks up and shows us his profile in the sunshine.

three cubs

The cubs are eating almost nonstop.

Just like the big bears in the wild do during the season of hyperphagia, our little orphaned cubs instinctively do the same thing.  We can see the results in their increased size and the healthy look of their fur.