That’s the way the cubs are seen these days – snouts to the ground as they eat, and eat, and eat!  We have some more photos that prove this to be true.  As we said, we’re sorry it the subject matter gets tiresome, but it’s about all the curators see during their observation time.  Hyperphagia is firmly in control of the cubs.


Andy Bear is demolishing his lunch (or is it breakfast or dinner?)


Eliza finds something good to eat in the grass.


Finnegan Bear is the chubbiest of all.

3 cubs

Finnegan, Andy and Eliza chowing down on their food.


Uh-oh, Finnegan picked up another leaf, hitching a ride on his bum.

3 cubs

Andy Bear, Finn (with leaf) and Eliza Bear.

We can’t help but chuckle at Finn and and his leaves.  The leaves don’t seem to stick to the siblings as easily as they do to Finnegan; perhaps his fur is a little shaggier or maybe he sits more heavily as he eats.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter to any of the cubs.