We coined the word “chubbifying” to describe what the cubs do at ABR.  We provide the food and a safe place for them, and their job is to get chubby (chubbify) so they can return to the wild.  Today we see how good they are at their job.

When their food is thrown over the fence into the Wild Enclosure, the cubs react swiftly.  Andy demonstrates how quickly a cub can descend a tree.


Andy hurries down the tree. As he climbs we can see how strong and handsome he is.

All three cubs have developed beautiful, healthy coats, thanks to the excellent nutrition they receive.

Three cubs

All three of the cubs head for the place where they heard the food land. Finn leads the way.

cubs munch

The cubs munch on pears, bear diet pellets and two kinds of acorns.

Chubbifying cubs

They are chubbifying nicely.

Lately it seems as though every picture shows the cubs eating.  Actually, that is how they spend the greater part of their days, and that is exactly what they need to be doing.  Sorry if you get tired of seeing cubs eating.