Eliza was being a daredevil again.  Another hold-your-breath moment for the curator as he watched her climb up high in an oak tree to eat the fresh acorns from the tree.  He held his breath, but smiled, too, because that behavior is perfect for a wild little bear cub.  Eliza is learning to be a wild bear!


Daredevil cub Eliza stretches out to eat acorns from the tree.

She came down from the tree to forage on the ground with the other two cubs.  Interestingly enough, the two boys haven’t been seen getting acorns from the tree.  Of course they might have done that when no one is watching, but as far as we know, Eliza is the brave one.


Eliza came down from the tree.


She found chestnuts and more acorns on the ground.


Finnegan joined her to forage for the nuts.

Andy, Finn, Eliza

Here are all three of the cubs foraging together.

You have to look carefully to see Finnegan in that photo.  It looks like Andy Bear is about the same size now as Finnegan.  Andy is in front, Finn is in the middle, and Eliza Bear is the furthest back.