Today we have an amusing little cubby episode to share, caught on camera by Curator Coy.  It started with Eliza Bear foraging quietly on the ground.


Eliza Bear, foraging for goodies thrown into the enclosure.

In the next photo, we see Finnegan walking by.


Finnegan passes by Eliza.

Of course we don’t know what is going through a cub’s mind, but it almost seemed that Eliza stopped eating and stared at Finn.


Eliza watches Finn intently. Is that a little smile we see?

As Finn moved on, we see what caused Eliza to stare.  Or maybe not – it’s quite possible that this was not as amusing to her as it is to us.


Oops! Finnegan had a leaf stuck to his bum! He must have been sitting down to eat.

It’s hard not to anthropomorphize at a time like this, although we try not to attribute human feelings and beliefs to our cubs.  Whatever the “real story” was from the cubs’ point of view, it does make for a bit of humor for us.