We know that the curators throw acorns into the Wild Enclosure every day, but on this day Eliza Bear decided to act like a real wild bear and harvest her own acorns, straight from the tree.  In the process, she gave Curator Janet a few breath-holding moments.  These photos reveal why, and give us a sense of how mother bears must feel when their cubs seek the freshest acorns up in the trees.


Eliza Bear climbed up in a tree to get at the freshest acorns where they grow.


Eliza moves forward to reach the acorns.

It’s a good thing that bear cubs are such excellent tree climbers and are so steady on their paws in a tree.  It can be nerve-wracking for a human watching, though.


Eliza employs a typical strategy as she lies down on a branch and pulls another branch towards her.

A mother bear might call her cub down, but a human curator can’t do that.  Curator Janet had to watch silently.  Fortunately for her blood pressure, Eliza came down to find the acorns she had dropped and to join the two male cubs in foraging on the ground.

Eliza, Finn, Andy

Eliza came down to forage on the ground with Finn and Andy.

The three cubs are foraging busily and putting on weight.  Remember, they are in hyperphagia as they prepare for winter.