As we have seen, there are days when all three cubs appear during the curator’s brief observation time, and other days when only part of the crew comes out of hiding.  This was such a day, and Andy was the only cub to show himself.  That’s OK, though, because Curator Coy got some really good photos of Andy.  He is growing and “chubbifying” very well.


Andy Bear emerges from behind a tree.


Andy is finding acorns that Coy threw into the Wild Enclosure.


He stopped foraging  long enough for Coy to take a closeup of the handsome little bear.

He has made great progress since he and his sister arrived at ABR 3 months ago.  Here is a photo of him soon after arrival.  His head looked too big for his body, but that is no longer true.  His body has caught up.

Andy - June

This was Andy in June. He was a funny looking little cub.

It’s amazing to see how much he has grown.  He is practicing being a wild bear as he forages for food.  When he is back in the wild, he will travel and forage alone, as all male bears do.