Bears are easily spooked by wind.  Because they rely most heavily on their senses of hearing and smell the wind can disrupt their ability to process information in their environment, leading to nervousness.  Andy and Finnegan were frightened on a recent windy day.  Andy ran up a hill to forage.  Finnegan was already there, on the other side of a large tree.  The sudden appearance of Andy startled Finn, who slapped the tree trunk in alarm.  This in turn startled Andy who huffed and started to climb the tree.

Finn and Andy

Finnegan and Andy on opposite sides of the tree.

Andy, startled by Finnegan, stood up, ready to climb.  It was as if each of the cubs said “You scared me!”


Andy was ready to climb, if there really was a danger.

A few moments later, their fright was forgotten, and they continued to forage side by side.  With their noses to the ground they look like headless bears.

Finn - Andy

Finn and Andy foraged together.

Meanwhile, Eliza Bear was foraging peacefully by herself.


Eliza foraged alone.


The two boy cubs worked their way toward Eliza.

There is plenty of food for all three of the cubs, even in their current, hungry state.  They continued to eat the food that had been thrown over the fence.