Lately all the photos of the cubs have shown them to be foraging and eating on the ground.  You may recall that earlier in the year we saw them mostly in trees.  Today’s photos start out with the cubs snoozing in trees (they haven’t lost their tree-climbing skill).  As soon as they heard and smelled the daily food delivery, they quickly descended to find the food.


Andy Bear wakes up from his nap at the sound of food being delivered.


It appears that his tongue is out with anticipation, although he might be licking insects off the tree.


Eliza Bear peers down from her perch in the tree.


Finnegan was sound asleep – or so it seemed.


It didn’t take him long to come down to find the food.


From behind, we can see where his fat is accumulating.

Here is a shot of some of the food that was thrown over the fence to the cubs.  Very yummy treats for bear cubs!


The food scatters when thrown, so the cubs have to forage.

The three bears had a nice feast of natural bear foods.  In another area, fresh muscadines were also provided.  The cubs like all of these foods.